Tokyo September 2020

The event has been postponed from March 2020 to September 2020, some details below will therefore be changed.

Conference on Living Ideas: Dynamic Philosophies of Life and Matter, 1650–1850

The Living Ideas conference will be held at the University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus, 18–20 September 2020. A full list of speakers will be posted when finalized. Presentations will be based on the speaker’s nominated research topic within the project.

Besides the presentation and discussion of papers in the three-day colloquium, there will be an introductory meeting on the 16th, a follow-up meeting on the 22nd for further discussion, and an excursion in Tokyo, date tbc, allowing conversations to continue in a more informal setting.

Schedule of talks

N.B. Dates will be changed to late September. Some speakers will likely while some listed below might be unable to attend the rescheduled event.

Living Ideas, March 2020 schedule-page-001.jpg

Accommodation in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, near University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus, will be provided for all speakers for up to five nights, at the KKR Hotel Nakameguro. Rooms for all participants have already been booked. Hopefully, a map and directions in English will be posted here soon.

There is some budget for travel, but constraints mean that priority must be given to researchers whose institutions cannot cover their flight cost.

Getting to the hotel from Haneda Airport

After you walk through Arrivals, the information-desk staff at Haneda can tell you where the limousine bus stand is and which one you need. Behind the stand is a vending machine where you purchase your ticket. It costs ¥1050 yen. Here’s some more info about getting the limousine bus.
When you get off at Shibuya, it’s a 10-or-15-minute walk to the hotel, though it’d be better to take the train from Shibuya Station (the limo bus drop off point, or very, very near) to Nakameguro. Here’s some info with a map. The train ticket office staff can help and they are used to assisting English speakers. Also, you could get a taxi. There should be taxis pretty much all the time there.

Acknowledgement of Grants and Support

Living Ideas is a multi-year, interdisciplinary project based in the history of ideas and supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, kakenhi grant number 19K00107 (Principle Investigator, Peter Cheyne).

Thanks also to the University of Tokyo for providing the on-campus conference room and supporting facilities.

Funds supporting travel costs have also been provided by:

Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Loyola University, USA

Miyazaki International University, Japan

Penn State University, USA

Temple University, USA

Warwick University, UK

Western Ontario University, Canada

For internationally posting details of the project and conference, we are grateful also to:

The British Association for Romantic Studies

The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism

NASSR-L, the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Listserv

Philos-L, the Liverpool University-based Philosophy Listserv